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Since the website keeps on changing it is hard to format everything. Below is the text from the last version of the website but without all the fancy formatting.

November '04

26.11.2004  Another month past already?!? Shadowpuma has not been around much lately but the website development has progressed quite a lot. Soon it should be available for all to see.

Sceptered Isle also managed to finally get flagged for the Plane of Time this month. Shadowpuma has yet to see a full run of the zone either due to Real Life or by mobs getting bugged and stuck in walls.

October '04

27.10.2004  Back from a weekend of fun up in Nottingham. Staying at Rasuphas and Llamikins house we had Swash and Keadiin join us for fun at the Nottingham Beer Festival.

Development of the all new format Shadowpuma site still continues.

June '04

07.06.2004  The shadowpuma website is still under a large amount of development in the way it looks and how the browsers process the pages.

February '04

24.02.2004  Shadowpuma has discovered the joys of video capture. See some of his creations in the Downloads section. The current movies range from 5Mb to 10Mb in size. The quality of them also differs mainly due to these being an experiment of Shadowpuma's creative side. Enjoy ^_^

20.02.2004  Shadowpuma logs on every now and again to join in with the raids. Trying to do a report for each new elemental plane, Shadowpuma has so far got to PoWater and PoAir. Also with the Gates of Discord Expansion out, Shadowpuma has yet to explore the new zones added with this expansion.

January '04

27.01.2004  Elemental Planes flagged, Shadowpuma joins in with the raids. Latest raid was to the Plane of Water. The further into the game, the better experiences get.

Plans for an image page displaying all images used for the reports are underway.

24.01.2004  It's been a while since Shadowpuma has been dedicated to logging in and playing, but this is due to so many things.

  • Real Life work. Since changing jobs there has been little time to log in when Shadowpuma has had enough energy to withstand a full on raid.
  • Website updates. Hopefully your enjoying what your seeing so far.
  • Lately Shadowpuma feels that the attitude of the Sceptered Isle Guild has changed and has refrained from logging on to hear all the commotion from others moan. Hopefully this is just a phase and all will be ok soon.

Looking forward, there will be more webpage updates, more news articles to read, and even better, more images to view.

You might have also noticed there is no longer and Shadowchi website to view. Don't worry though, she is still around to heal and rez if needed.

01.01.2004 and launched.

December '03

29.12.2003  Christmas has come and gone. The celebrations are nearly over. But soon new celebrations are to be had with the New Year coming up real soon. Looking back over the past year a lot has happened. Shadowpuma will continue to exist and produce reports for Sceptered Isle.

10.12.2003  Star Wars Galaxies, another online game in the same class as EverQuest. Shadowpuma has tried and tested it and decided it is not for him. Mainly due to the problems with the game actually loading up on the machine, but there is just not enough in game development to compare it with Everquest. And of course there are way more friends already in EverQuest than there ever will be in Star Wars Galaxies.

08.12.2003  Development on the new look Shadowpuma website (Version 2.0) begins. With all new ideas this website will eventually become a professional looking source of information people will hopefully come back to again and again. Level 65 continues to develop as the number of AA's obtained increases. Trips to Vex Thal have slowed down in favour of getting Sceptered Isle through to the Elemental Planes. The reports for Sceptered Isle continue and some can be seen in the stories section.

October '03

16.10.2003  Today is the day Shadowpuma finally completed his epic quest. Having waited many months, even years to obtain all the staff's required to hand in and get a magical pouch to hand into Solomen in the Temple of Solusek Ro, it was finally all over.

September '03

20.09.2003  Once again it has been a while since any update but from recent feedback it seems the site needs updating. As always keep an eye out for new things such as items in the equipment section, additions to Shadowpuma's Life History, information about his new found friends and loved ones, as well as all the usual image updates.

May '03

11.05.2003  Have added a bit of flash to the front page. Still experimenting so hopefully things can only get better. Shadowpuma has also managed to get up to level 63. Loving his new spells he will soon be 65 in no time.

April '03

26.04.2003  Delays in updates but being a Wizard and having to look after a younger sister (Shadowchi) takes up a lot of the time these days. With new expansions out such as Planes of Power and Legacy of Yakesha there has not been much time for anything else apart from exploration and adventure. Anything Shadowpuma has achieved has been via the guild. All News and Information can be found at the Sceptered Isle website. Achievements include: killing bigger mobs (AoW, Grummus, Dain, PoI dragon, Lords of PoS), getting further with the epic quests (both Shadowpuma's and Shadowchi's), levelling both levels and AA's, and lots more. The equipment section has also been updated. Rather than listing everything Shadowpuma has it outlines some of the more advanced items he has aquired and the histories behind them. There is also a link to his Magelo profile so you can still see what he carries around with him.

October '02

28.10.2002  Planes of Power, the latest expansion for EverQuest, has been released. Now with ALL EXPANSIONS ENABLED Shadowpuma has been off exploring the different zones. Find out soon about his adventures in the Stories Section. Also check out the downloads section where you will find the Planes Of Power Soundtrack.

07.10.2002  A long time has past since the last update. The latest news is that Shadowpuma's sister, Shadowchi, now has her own website.

September '02

05.09.2002  DING, Welcome to Level 60. Shadowpuma finally reaches his longest goal ever of reaching level 60.

August '02

26.08.2002  Shadowpuma still continues to gather in strength as today he assisted with taking down Velketor the Sorcerer in Velketor's Labyrith. He also got his first taste of being in a proper AE group thanks to Orcman inviting him into The Deep. With only a few more Skyshrine armour pieces remaining his Intelligence is ever increasing, currently up to 216 without buffs and stats food.

01.08.2002  Still working on a customised User Interface Shadowpuma spends time gaining experience in Scarlet Desert, Jaggedpine Forest, and Sebilis.

July '02

26.07.2002  The new EQ User Interface has gone live along with the new additional zone Jaggedpine Forest. Shadowpuma went off on an adventure to buy his spells for a low low price, and the off to Jaggedpine Forest with Crystaline and Sendyl. Read about the Adventures in the Forest from the stories section of the website.

20.07.2002  Shadowpuma had a great time in Sebilis. Camping the Necro it was an interesting experience. Soon the Master Looter had to leave and Shadowpuma took it upon himself to loot. The amount of diamonds and blue diamonds that dropped was great. Loot was rolled for and awarded accordingly. Then later on the same day he went to Tenubrious Mountains to hunt vampires and ended up winning another Blue Diamond. Resist gear is going to be great.

June '02

30.06.2002  Congrats to Shadowpuma on obtaining his first staff for his epic quest. With the help of Sceptered Isle the evil fish Phingel Atropos died and just happened to have a blue crystal staff for Shadowpuma to loot.

05.06.2002  Congrats to Shadowpuma on obtaining 2 new rings from Trakanon Teeth. He spent a few hours getting his first one and 21 hours getting the second. A long camp but well worth it. Information will soon be available in the equipment section.

May '02

23.05.2002  Shadowpuma realises the true implications of the Specialize skill. Read more about it in his Life History.

22.05.2002  *DING* Welcome to Level 56, Shadowpuma. And so with a further level up and thinking of gathering his spells, Shadowpuma is becoming quite confident with hunting in Scarlet Desert at the Ruins. Obtained a few extra items which will soon get added to the equipment section. There has also been a link added in the Equipment section to Shadowpuma's Magelo Profile.

02.05.2002  The Images section has now been added. This is a collection of EQ screenshots, other EQ related images, and images Shadowpuma thinks are pretty good. If images have been used from other sites then the link to that site has been placed in the Links section of these webpages. Hopefully this collection will grow as time passes.

01.05.2002  The Equipment section has now been added so everyone can see in detail what it is that Shadowpuma equips himself with.

April '02

15.04.2002  Shadowpuma completed his report on the Temple of Veeshan raid that Sceptered Isle went on. Check out the stories section.

11.04.2002  Now that Shadowpuma is 55 he can cast Improved Invis which has helped him out loads. He is currently having a few problems with his cable supplier and keeps getting cut off from the internet. That is why you havn't seen him around recently. After investigations and a solution Shadowpuma hopes to be back on as normal.

March '02

21.03.2002  It's been a while since the last news update but Shadowpuma has been pretty busy. He is finally into his 4th yellow bubble of 54 experience. He has also been trying new places to fight as well has helping others with quests. The Rallic Pack quest also brought him sadness. Shadowpuma combined all the components together to make a pack not realising that it would cause two duplicate lore items. Alas, he lost all the components and had to start again. With the new addition of Critical Hits for spell casters, Shadowpuma managed to hit a 1558 Crit with his Ice Comet (usually 1120). Also having the Mage Focus Items helped out. A ring to improve casting time, and a bracelet to help deal an extra percentage of damage.

February '02

21.02.2002  *DING* Welcome to Level 54, Shadowpuma.

18.02.2002  The Life History section has been updated to have Shadowpuma's latest adventures added. The spell list has also been updated. It now shows all spells up to and including level 16.

14.02.2002  Shadowpuma got himself a real life girlfriend. Happy Valentines day.

01.02.2002  Shadowpuma's Website (Version 1.0) comes online.

January '02

24.01.2002  Problems experienced with uploading website to webspace

21.01.2002  Shadowpuma's Website begins development.

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