Disc in the machine

image:dragon-age-origins_dragon-logoDragon Age : Origins is the current "Disc in the machine".

From the same people that brought you Baldurs Gate, Dragon Age Origins takes you on an epic journey of adventure and thrills. After playing it for a few hours it has really caught my attention. The look and feel of it is just right.

For a review and some information on the game then look in the "Information" section.

Current Online Game

There are currently no online games being played. All subscriptions have been cancelled.

Previous Online Games

Shadowpuma has also been a known name in other online games. These include:

EverQuest EverQuest II World of WarcraftVanguard : Saga of HeroesAion


image:download_iconImages, movie files, special wallpapers, they are all available in the "Downloads" section. You will also find the classic Everquest movie videos created by Shadowpuma in there.


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