Yelinak [Uncensored]

New raid targets are always exciting. There is the expectations of what to expect on the way to the mob, what the actual fight will be like, what stratagies will work best, and of course what loot awaits the lucky few that manage to survive long enough to slay the beasts. This particular day was another first for Sceptered Isle. Yelinak, the big boss dragon at the top of SkyShrine had popped and awaited the force of raid quality to come and greet it face to face.

As normal the first task was getting to Yelinak. Now with most people kill on sight it was up to a non-kos mage to make their way through the long shrine like halls up to the top where they would begin the CoH process. Obviously with a large raid force the cost of a pearl per each person is quite expensive but at least it saves the possible deaths that may occur if people were to run that long distance relying on Invisibility.

Once everyone was at the raid spot and buffed it was time to get underway.

Colal tells the raid, 'pulling now'

Everything going smooth so far. The tanks grabbed the nearest mob and begon pounding away. People yelled out if they had agro. There was a bit of confusion at one stage where no one was sure who the tank was of one of the elder drakes. It turns out the Warrior tanks have all been replaced with Ogge. A monk off tanked the drake whilst the other melee handled the main one. Who said Monks had been nerfed?

Colal tells the raid, 'move up,'

So the groups followed Colal up a bit to just in front of the main gate where we could all see Yelinak just watching his fellow flappy things be slain at the hand of Sceptered Isle. After a few more mobs it seemed Colal had re-thought his plan of attack.

Colal tells the raid, 'sorry, move back to old spot'

So everyone followed Colal's instructions and back we all went to the initial spot.

Colal tells the raid, 'dont want yelinak on chain aggro anyone'

So, ready to clear the room, everyone was levitated in some way. Not sure why it was soon discovered that the room was filled with ice and anyone not hovering above the ground would slide right off the edges into a pit of water. With my track record this reporter made sure he had a double levitate on. No drowning for this Wizard today. The next mob was pulled for some reason a few people began heading back up towards the gate entrance. Panicing a bit Colal expressed himself in a way that made people stop what they were doing and run back very quickly...

Colal tells the raid, 'move back'
Colal tells the raid, 'move back'
Colal tells the raid, 'you assholes, dont move up there, stay where i told you'

Just after this was said a raid member mysteriously had to log.

Now being a reporter I manage to get inside information on officer chat and what the raid leaders are talking about. Having signed a secracy contract there is not much I can disclose but what came next was quite unexpected ... especially from the guild leader.

Orcman says, 'they log because u used bad words?'
Colal says, 'not sure'
Orcman says, 'naughty colal'
Lokeye says, 'lol'
Orcman says, 'u fucking idiot !'
Orcman says, 'hehe'
Orcman says, 'just testing filter - no offense meant'

Back on track the raid force disposed of the remaining large flappy's and gathered themselves in front of the gate. A quick recap on what to expect was given and so the Raid force engaged.

A typical dragon fight was had. Most people resisted the AE breath of the dragon whilst a few others were soon feeling the tiresome effects. As time went on it was clear to see the dragon's HP was going down at a fairly fast pace. The odd casualty here and there but nothing too major.

image: relative to the report
Sceptered Isle Engage and manage to get a great start to the fight. I think that's Stizok stareing Yelinak right in the eyes. He knows no fear.

Shards of magical ice rend you. You have taken 300 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 550 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 475 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 550 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 425 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 550 points of damage.

Someone else must have got the dragon's attention at this point as it turned away and began pounding on someone elses body. Not for long though ...

Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 475 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 125 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 600 points of damage.
Lord Yelinak hits YOU for 575 points of damage.
You have been slain by Lord Yelinak!

Well I guess I died in battle and not drowning in the water filled pit.

Once rezzed back we sent a few people into the corpse to retrieve the great loot that awaited us.

image: relative to the report
Well we had to send someone into the icky corpse to get the jewels ...

Sacrifice, Yelinak's Talisman, Yelinak's Head, Mask of the Dragon Slayer (x2), and a Dragon's Eye Sage Ring

Great loot for all and tough descisions made easier with the help of raid points and a little discussion between officers.

So as far as first attempts go this wasn't too bad. A new mob, not sure what to expect. Most people followed instructions carefully and understood what was being asked of them. Well done and Congratulations to everyone.

image: relative to the report
One more look at the corpse. Yelinak, Dragon in SkyShrine. Slain by Sceptered Isle - 7th May 2003

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