Wedding Waterfall

Congratulations to Lillan and Colal on their successful wedding day.

Celebrations were held at the Barbarian Village just off from Waterfall in East Karana.

Upon arriving in East Karana I looked around to see if I could escort anyone to the wedding area. I did find someone but it was not my kind of partner.

Broon says 'Broon will crush you like little pumpkin. Bwahaha!!'
Broon slashes YOU for 29 points of damage.
Broon was hit by non-melee for 678 points of damage.
Broon was hit by non-melee for 678 points of damage.
You have slain Broon!
Broon's corpse says 'ARGH!! You will pay, tiny thing!! My big brother Droon will make you dead! And if papa Proon gets you.. argh.. you will be stain on his feets.. argh.'

And so it appears that no wedding is complete with a good fight at the beginning. once my date for the wedding had departed I was free and single to make my way to the happy couple.

The Happy Couple
The happy couple arrive all dressed up and weapons hidden.

Friends met and greeted each other, some with joking insults, others with open arms and nukes waiting. the majority of people just sat around waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin. Beer and cake was handed out for the after celebrations. Grouping with a few familiar faces it was easy to chat amongst ourselves without the interruption of others. I took the time to walk around and gather some photo's of the happy couple and the surrounding area.

I was just about to take a few more shots when all of a sudden, LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...

It seems that another guild member had required a pickup from Emerald Jungle. The druid of the group, who shall remain nameless (Eriond), had kindly volunteered to evac the whole group off to EJ. Stranded and without mana he needed a quick pump from the friendly necro before they could go back. Seeing the urgency in that the ceremony was about to begin, I disbanded the group and gated back to North Karana from there Absconded across the zone to the gypsy camp, then ran to the wooden bridge, then across the zone to the barbarian village. I arrived back in time just to witness the funniest moment of the ceremony.

Orcman says, 'lillan and colal are proud members of this guild and are held in high regard by their friends'
Orcman says, 'colal would u turn to face the bride pls'
Colal has gone LinkDead!
Orcman says, 'nooooooo'
Lillan says, 'hahahaha'
Orcman says, 'he has pulled that old trick again'
Orcman says, 'ok need a volunteer to marry lillan pls - dosi please make your way to the front and stand next to lillan'
Lillan cries.
Hesten pushes Dosi forwards.
Chukka says out of character, 'same as colal only shorter'
Lillan panics at the sight of Dosi.
Orcman says, 'sorry dosi, cant marry anyone with a beard the size of a small country'
Orcman says, 'u better go have a shave'
Mordukay comforts Lillan.
Aseta welcomes Colal warmly.
Balrogh says, 'Hail, Colal'
Hesten says, 'you were lucky Colal, she almost married Dosi'
Orcman says, 'ok where were we'
Orcman says, 'colal would u please turn to face lillan'
Orcman says, 'lillan would u please face colal'
Orcman begins to cast a spell.
Lillan floats into the air.
Orcman says, 'colal, marriage is a sacred commitment, do you take lillan to be your wife, to love and cherish her and furnish her with an epic piece?'
Colal says, 'aye, i do'
Colal stares dreamily at Lillan, completely lost in her eyes.
Lillan beams a smile at Colal.
Orcman says, 'lillan, colal is a barbarian. if you are sure u wish to proceed, do you take colal to be your eq lawful wedded husband, to love cherish him and polish his epic piece?'
Lillan says, 'I do!'
Lillan giggles at Orcman.
Orcman says, 'ok by the power vested in me by myself'
Orcman says, 'i am proud to announce you as husband and wife, may all of verant rejoice in your matrimony'
Orcman says, 'colal u may kiss the bride'
Eravion says, 'This calls for a drink!'

Lillan needs a Levi
Lillan required a Levitate from Orcman so she could float up to reach the already bending down Colal's lips for that all important kiss.

Their kiss is so magical that fireworks explode from around everyone.

Once the happy couple had exchanged kisses and Lillan had polished Colal's Epic piece for a while, it was time to eat the cake and drink and for guests to hand out presents.

Colal says, 'lillan as a token of my love for you, I would like to present to you this ancient scroll'
Colal handed Lillan a scroll and watched as she unravelled it to reveal
Lillan says, 'oh my god, thankyou hunny ) I couldnt get a better gift then this )'
Colal tells the guild, 'congrats lillan on KEI'

Next it was Lillan's turn to watch Colal's face light up with her gift to him.
Colal says out of character, 'thank you lillan on the artificer coif.'
Shadowpuma says, 'congrats on your BD's guys'
Colal says, 'thank you'
Lillan says, 'thankyou! )'
Once all presents were handed out porting groups were made and off to chardok we went.

- - -

The Adventure in Chardok was a great one. Area Effect nuking groups were setup and prepared for when they would have to nuke. We made our way in and to the first mass pulling spot.

Dahaak ran off, agro'd a lot of mobs, brought them back where the Enchanters began to chain stun, and when given the order the AE nukers began to unleash their deadly power. That was all of them but 1.

Orcman has gone LinkDead!

Body's lay everywhere with the main AE nuker LD right in the middle of it all.

And so the AE continued until the groups were down to their first royal, The Prince

Dahaak says, 'INCOMING >>>>>> Prince Selrach Di`zok <<<<<< + a few more'

The prince and his buddies went down with great ease. A head and axe were looted and distributed. The guild then went on to the next area to party.

Dahaak says, 'INCOMING >>>>>> Overking Bathezid <<<<<< '

And so with a mighty swift nuke the overking was also taken down. And so with the King Dead it was time for Beinbrecher to loot his cleric epic quest component.

And so it was that the only royal left to be taken down was the Queen.

Colal says, 'ok next mob is going to be a little different'
Colal says, 'queen has a very deadly ae'
Colal says, 'and its lure )'
Colal says, 'kills people in seconds'
Colal says, 'so pay attention'
Colal says, 'enchanters get the adds nailed down fast'
Colal says, 'keep the queen at the back, and everyone stay out of ae range'
Colal says, 'except the melle'
Colal says, 'nuke from max range, and kill her FAST'
Colal says, 'its a race of who kills who first basically'
Colal says, 'the cleric that divines, needs to run in and soak up the first ae'
Colal says, 'then call in after she lets it go'
Colal says, 'who want to volenteer for that?'
A silence wavered over everyone until one little voice came from what seemed below everyone.
Colal says, 'ok bifar will'

Bifar tells scepchardok:1, 'HELP DAMIT MY ASS IS ON FIRE'
Chomp, chomp, chomp... Hesten takes a bite from a Roots.
Bifar tells scepchardok:1, 'HELP DAMIT MY ASS IS ON FIRE'
Bifar tells scepchardok:1, 'HELP DAMIT MY ASS IS ON FIRE'
Bifar tells scepchardok:1, 'HELP DAMIT MY ASS IS ON FIRE'
Bifar tells scepchardok:1, 'HELP DAMIT MY ASS IS ON FIRE'
Those that weren't busy eating rushed in to help Bifar. Upon running down the corridor, turning the corner, I was greeted by a room FULL of sarnaks. The Queen was stood on center platform. A quick click of the assist key and nuking began.

At 17:44 and 08 seconds the first yell of Bifar was heard

At 17:44 and 48 seconds the message appeared that Queen Velazul Di`zok has been slain.

A total of 40 seconds was taken to take down the queen. All that remained were the left over sarnaks. Soon with all of them dead it was time to sit and cheer over the victory of Sceptered Isle.

The Queen Dies
Everyone was so happy at what they had accomplished. So happy that they all sat on the dead stinking corpse.

And so with the whole royal family dead the groups decided to wait another 1 and a half hours for the King to repop for Bifar's Epic piece.

The King last died at 17:32 and repopped at 19:36, soon to die after ready for Bifar to loot his item.

- - -

With everyone out it was a great successful day. A wedding of joy, and a few deaths for happiness. Overall a success in every way.

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