Temple of Veeshan Raid - Part 2

Now you've probably already seen the News about SI's first raid to ToV. This report is more of a 'gallery' report than a 'what happened' report.

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This map shows the route taken during the raid.

The raid started off as normal with everyone zoning in and buffing up before running to the first camp spot. This is where we stayed for quite a while having mobs pulled from both directions. It was good in the fact that Melee and Casters were able to switch sides of the wall quickly and efficiently when ordered to do so. (Sometimes even without orders). Now this may not be apparent to everyone so I shall explain why....
When a AE breathing mob is pulled then it often comes down a straight corridor. Therefore it can only see down the corridor and to the end, it cannot see round the corner. This is why the melee are in the corridor with the pulled mob getting blasted by the AE and pretty much needing good resist gear (or they won't be stood there long). Now the casters hide around the corner out of the mobs sight. Out of Sight, out of AE. Therefore is a caster wants to hit the pulled mob then they must leave the comfort of the hiding place, into the AE (where they WILL get hit by it), and cast. If the casters resist gear isn't up to scratch then they will not be able to stay out there long. Running back to the comfort of the hiding wall is their best bet for survival.

After a long time of being at the first camp spot the entrance way cleared up and we all ran back to the next camp spot. However, on the way back to the entrance when everyone was trying to jump up the stairs (remember this is a zone full of dragons, the steps are HUGE!!!) a mob decided to pop. All those that were on the steps had to jump back down and attack. Because the room is rather large there aren't many hiding places for casters. I tried running around the room to find a safe spot to cast from but was not able to find one. Eventually I got summoned and eaten by the huge beast. I think I was casting from upon the candle holders on the wall. I must have got about 4 nukes off before finally being devoured whole.

Once the dead were ressed (and people learnt NOT to open the door or drag corpses too close to it) we were all given our spots. Melee on the left (as you look down the stairs into the open area), and casters on the right. A few other key classes were positioned in between and then we were ready. Pulls came, pulls died, pulls dropped a bit of loot. And so this continued until a large majority of people died again, were rezzed and then were ported out. Another great raid by SI in the Halls of Testing in the Temple of Veeshan.

Now for any raid to happen you need some key classes. If people saw me running around ducking in front of them, then you probably ignored me and went about your business of killing stuff. Those that did notice me had great fun in cheering and trying to imitate me.

The Puller

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Monk (Turbulence)

The puller is the main one that goes and finds the mobs for the rest of us to kill. When the puller finds something and brings it back it is nearly always announced to the raiding parties. With the aid of Fain Death the monk can navigate his way back to the groups hopefully without taking too much damage. For this particular raid Turbulence was the puller and what a great job he did too.

Turbulence says, 'INCOMING (>'-')> an ancient shard wyvern <('-'<)'

The Main Tank

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Warrior (Turgoshir)

The main tank is the one that grabs the incoming pull away from the puller and hits it on their own so they build up agro. With a combination of Taunt and actual damage the main tank will be top of the agro list when they call for assist and everyone else joins in.

Turgoshir says, 'ASSIST me on an ancient shard wyvern'

The Melee

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The Melee are called to assist and they do just that.

The melee are basically everyone else that does harm to the enemy by hitting it with their weapons. The melee are called when the Main Tank is certain that they have a good enough agro on the main mob. Certainly in HoT the melee need good resists otherwise they are going to be toast or ice cubes pretty quick with all that AE being dished out. As the melee hit harder and faster the enemy is pushed in whatever direction the melee is facing. This is often good as it can stop casting mobs from finishing their spells and being interrupted. I think only 1 mob gated the whole time we were there. A quick call to camp and the wave of people all sat down. Only 2 people were summoned to the beasts claws to be ripped to shreds.

The Wurms

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image:relative to the report

With these things running around the Halls of Testing this is no place where you would want to try and solo anything.

The Mage

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Magician (Kirium)

The Magician is a great thing to have at any raid. Our magician in particular does a great job. To start with he summons magical items for everyone to use including wearable items to increase stats and casting abilities, mod rods for people with low mana and high HP, bandages for those that like to heal themselves.... and when in battle the magician has a very strong debuff spell. Other useful things are Call of the Hero for when people need to be in with the action but are left at the zoneline, and a great knowledge. Kirium has more than enough info in his head to share with anyone that is unsure of anything.

Kirium says, 'MALA is on << an ancient shard wyvern >>'

The Druid

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Druid (Rasuphas)

Lvl 60 Druids have Protection of the Glades. That's all you need to know !!!

Just kidding. We all know that PotG uses up 1200 mana, has a casting time of 6.0 and an 18 second recast time. Although it is of benefit to both casters and melee it is a bit heavy on the Druids mana. Apart from that druids assist with the debuff, heals and sometimes melee. The odd nuke here and there doesn't go a miss.

The Ranger

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Ranger (Tinuvien)

Rangers are pretty much like the druids but are more inclined to be in amongst the melee party. As you can see from the image the wurms certainly don't like the taste of them due to the spitting back out of the corpse.

The Troll

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Shadow Knight (Dahaak)

The shadow Knight is a great asset to the Melee group. They are up front giving it all that, apart from in this picture where they seem to be cowering in the corner, hmmmmmm.

The Wizard

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Wizard (Orcman)

The wizard is one of the most powerful casters in effect to damage output. In a short space of time (and mana permitting) they can out damage any melee. This however causes the mob to agro and blap the Wizard into the ground. The Wizard is often found hiding round the corner awaiting for the mob to get to at least 60% HP before even starting to nuke. If they begin to nuke when the assist is called then they will soon end up a corpse on the ground.

a fiery drake says 'You will not evade me Shadowpuma!'
You have been summoned!

The Girls

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[insert your own caption here]

The girls can often be found hanging out at the back of the crowd often gossiping about their makeup, clothes, latest fashions, hairstyles, which reporters they are going to kill next....

The Colal

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The great Raid Leader, Shaman (Colal)

No raid to ToV would be complete without the Raid Leader. Colal seems to do an excellent job at keeping everyone in line getting them to do what they need to be doing. I'm sure he has a lot of support from everyone and as a whole we will continue to raid successfully. There are a few times when the temper is shown but all in all his clear thinking and great instructions see us through.

Colal says, 'repop'
Colal says, 'Get down'
Colal says, 'Get the f**k off the steps'
Colal says, 'NOW'
Colal says, 'Watch turgoshirs health'
Colal says, 'Our cleric is oom'

Other classes that are not mentioned throughout this report include Enchanters who do a great job of buffing people, debuffing mobs, containing agro if multiple mobs attack. The other melee classes which assist in the hitting of the mob. Hopefully they are at maximum melee range so as to not get agro by being too close. And the other caster classes, who either help with buffs, debuffs, or just plain old direct damage spells. Oh, nearly forgot the Clerics.... Where would we be without the great efforts from all the clerics. Dead never to be seen again probably. They do a great job at keeping everyone alive, and when we do die they are first on the scene to get us all back up and running again, literally !

Just to finish this report off here are a few screenshots of our last encounters before the raid ended...

image:relative to the report
image:relative to the report

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