Ring of the Shissar

You have entered Ssraeshza Temple .... a temple guard tastes the air, he seems to sense an intruder.

The farming for key parts in Ssraeshza Temple had already begun but others were being invited to join. As you entered the first tunnel in the temple, the grey dull lit walls were host to a serious of pictorial drawings that displayed what kind of creatures inhabited this Temple. Also inscribed on the door panels were mystical symbols laid out in a square shape linking to other squares to form a triangle. Having no idea of what these symbols meant the group moved in past the sliding stone slab until they entered the first room area. Just then, from out of no where, a snake creature slithered towards the group swinging its arms about and lashing out the lower part of its body in a hope of slashing the intruders. It wasn't long before the creature lay on the ground and in a non moving state. After examining the corpse Hesten managed to pull out some Shissar Eggs, Shissar Fangs, an Undead Shissar venom sack, Undead shissar scales, and some Crystallized Sulfur. Not disgusted by any of it Hesten whipped them up and stuffed them deep into her backpack making sure there was plenty of room for more.

The group made their way to a spot and began to pull both camps know as Com1 and Com2. They were in hope for Commander Zazuzh and Commander Zherozsh to appear and be holding the Zerizsh's Ring and Idol. Together with these 2 items, the Taskmaster's Pouch and the Ssraeshzian Insignia they could be combined to form the Key to the Emperor's Chamber.

As time passed more and more Sceptered Isle members arrived to help. Soon there was a raid force available and with the help of Icemana they all grouped up and made their way up the floors to where General Kizuhx awaited. Getting up there required the groups to travel up the floating devices that were located in certain areas. These devices made you as light as air so that you could travel up and down between floors. Just to be on the safe side someone gave me Enduring Breathe in case I ran out of air. So up we went all the way to the top floor without stopping and once at the top everyone was ordered not to move anywhere away from the floating tube. If we had then Shissar's would have been all over the place and there would have been no chance of survival. The Shissar's on this level had plenty more HP than the ones on the lower levels. It took a bit longer to kill them but nothing too taxing.

Once the groups were in our corner it was ready to pull the General.

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The first attempt was a bit of a disaster. The General came with one of his Shissar guards and a bit of panic spread amongst the crowd. Both were slowed and Icemana was off tanking one trying to get the rest onto the General but by this time it was too late. The Main Tanks had fallen and a Wizard was on the Enrage list. From previous raids it was said that everyone should have an enrage hotkey and use it. This is what happened and the wizard got healed. We soon found this to be a big mistake. If a caster gets on the enrage list let them die, no matter how much they plea for a heal. Enrage is much better suited to a melee type that can take the damage and not waste all the healers mana. So that was the first lesson learnt. It was not a complete wipe so after the Shissar's had returned to their guarding posts it was time to rez up and have another attempt.

The second attempt went a bit better but still ended with a big splat. Because the add from the first attempt had been killed another popped in its place. Because we were having trouble splitting them it was decided we would assign tanks to handle both, however .... the add was a named Shissar that cast Gravity Flux on everyone causing them to be interrupted or flung up into the air against the walls. Attempt two was again a splat result. With not many rezzers left it was a bit of a struggle to get everyone back but this time reinforcements had arrived. The Necrovac and CoH's began to get the new arrivals to the scene. A few discussions were had that we needed more DPS but it was soon explained that control was the key. When everything is controlled such as where the mob should be standing, who should be healed when they have enrage, who handles the adds if we get one, then it was a lot clearer for everyone to understand how the battle should go and that just by having big muscles was not the key to winning.

The third attempt was a success. With great planning and using the walls just in case the Gravity Fluxing add decided to attend again the pullers did a great job and the General arrived on his own. As normal the MT gained control and positioned the mob.

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A fierce battle was held, starting at 23:14.28 (GMT) and lasting through to 23:20:51 (GMT), just over 6 minutes worth of hitting, bashing, slashing, piercing, debuffing, slowing, healing, stunning, nuking, dotting, taunting, laughing, gasping ... and so the General was dead.

Besides the Rune of Ap`Sagor the General also dropped the Ssraeshzian Insignia, a piece that a lot of people required.

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After receiving tells for the item it was clear to see that only one person needed this item as their last piece... Congratulations Katano.

With the item looted Katano combined all the other pieces to mystically forge and create ...

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So with everyone now understanding what it was like to control the situation and successfully slay a General it was time to pull and take on the Gravity Fluxing add ... Advisor Zekuzh. With the greatest of ease the mob went down and once again another Ssraeshzian Insignia dropped. After receiving all the tells again it was a bit of a harder decision but finally it was Hesten that got to loot.

With everyone excited we all followed Icemana through the tunnel into the room where the Emperor's Portal was located. Given precise instructions to head right straight after entering the groups obeyed and went into the corner. Just as everyone had got a good look around and was about to receive the AE TL to bind ... Mordukay went LinkDead. So the raid force waited patiently taking in the sights.

image: relative to the report
The Portal to the Emperor's Chamber.

image: relative to the report
Guards surround the Portal and have been known to chain agro.

With every one in four mobs around the portal respawning as a General there is plenty of opportunity to acquire more and more insignia's for the guild. A place we will come back to I'm sure.

A great experience. Well done everyone.

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