Exploration of an Imp

Some AA skills are great, some AA skills are rubbish, some AA skills are important, and some AA skills are not necessary. Bender (62 Enchanter) has managed to get the AA skill that allows him to turn everyone in the group into Imp's. With this new ability a group of us went on an exploration to the Plane of Nightmares. Read here and see what unfolded throughout the adventure.

The day started out like any other. A quick trip to the vendors to sell the previous day's loot, a trip to the bank to cash my earning's, and then off to find a group to get experience and adventure. With 3 Wizards (Shadowpuma, Migar and Orcman) all LFG there seemed no other choice but to group them all and add a few other key classes, cleric (Nulu), paladin (Dosi) and shaman (Lokeye). Fully equipped and buffed the group headed off to the Plane of Disease (PoD).

After killing a few stray spiders that crossed our path the little dwarf Dosi discovered a cave. Once we'd gotten to it the cave lead into a room with multiple tunnels. In these tunnels were strange looking mobs. Spiders, Rats and even peoples corpses.

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report

From behind us came a group. [61 Assassin] Lurek (Dark Elf) [Pravus Dei] was leading them and past they went with an aim of getting deeper into the tunnels. Seemed fine for us, the spawns would be broken and would mean easier pulls. But, the Rogue suddenly head back out of the tunnel and following him straight into us was a train of bubonian defiler's. Before the evac was complete they seemed to take a shine to Lokeye. Seconds before the portals opened Lokeye's corpse lay dead on the ground. Everyone else managed to get out alive. After waiting about 30 minutes the corpse popped back at the zonein / graveyard.

After this the group decided to try their luck in the Plane of Nightmares but soon after trying to find the right classes the group disbanded.

A while Later I received a tell. Soon enough I was back in PoD at the back of the zone near the temple. Colal, Chukka, Bender, Dosi and Tenuli were all there.

Bender begins to cast a spell.
You feel different.
You tell your party, 'wt?'
Bender tells the group, 'lol'

Bender was showing off and had turned me into a hug flying imp. After about 40 minutes the illusion faded and I was back to my normal self again. Not for too much longer though. Bender and his twisted games had be looking like an Ogre, an Iksar, he even made Tenuli 4 times smaller.

image: relative to the report

After gaining lots of experience a few of the group had to leave. That was when the remaining few (me, Colal, Bender and Chukka) decided to head off to the Plane of Nightmares and with Benders new AA skill of Imp Illusion we could fly around happily and explore.

The wonders of the Plane of Nightmares is very, ... errrr ... Wonderful. The zone very much reminded me of when Rathe Mountains changed on the Halloween Event that took place. Just check out the creatures for yourself...

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report

Most of the above images are all Dark Blue con to level 60. Further exploration soon found us entering an open field. Stood at the edge was a gloom nightmare. Turning round and looking at the centre of the field revealed a magnificent sight. A red con mob that stood taller than Colal's Epic.

image: relative to the report

After this we headed down into a watery tunnel where I managed to go LD. Upon returning I found myself looking face to face with a undead fish.

A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 138 points of damage.
A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 291 points of damage.
A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 304 points of damage.
A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 253 points of damage.
A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 266 points of damage.
A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 278 points of damage.
A murkwater minnow hits YOU for 214 points of damage.
You have been knocked unconscious!
You have been slain by a murkwater minnow!
Your Location is -1831.00, 345.00, -190.26
Returning to home point, please wait...

Stupid fish.

Waiting at the graveyard my corpse suddenly reappeared (just before Bender arrived doing a valiant job or dragging). With enough clerics around to sink the titanic a rez was not far off. After getting a cleric and a warrior into the group it was imp form again and off to find a good spot for killing.

Chukka did a great job of pulling, but when it comes to FD it is rather funny watching an imp fall down backwards...

image: relative to the report

I think Bender got a bit of the green eyed monster syndrome and tried to be just like Chukka. Wasn't quite what the group was expecting though...

image: relative to the report

At 5:12 AM I thought it a suitable time to call it a night and leave Colal, Bender, Chukka and the others to the exploration antics. It was a great time and lots of info was gathered during it. Thanks again guys for the fun and experience.

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