Hate to be Loved

Everything changes. Some like change, some do not. Some changes are good, some are bad. Some changes are big, some are small. In Everquest things seem to change on a regular occurrence. Some things will go un noticed such as the addition of a new quest to an NPC in the lower depths of Qeynos Aqueducts, all the way to the other end of the scale to a whole new zone being introduced. One of the most recent changes has been to the zone known as the Plane of Hate.

Those that have been around a while will know that the Plane of Hate was a zone not often ventured to, mainly due to the amount of mobs that rushed the group as the wizard ported up the group using a rather costly reagent, Fulligrans Soulstone of Innoruk. And if the groups wiped then the Corpse Run to retrieve the valuable equipment was a rather messy affair.

As time has past and the maximum player level has increased, the actual power and usefulness of players has also increased, thus causing what was once a high level, hard to break in and kill gods zone became something of a playground for single groups. However the price to actually get to the zone was still a bit pricey.

The change has come and the Plane of Hate is once again a challenging zone.

The warrior epic piece had dropped and Katano was in search for a travelling partner into the Plane of Hate so he could loot. Once the Wizard and Warrior had met up in PoK it was time to get the portal spell reagent stone from somewhere. The only place known that sells the stone was the Cleric guild in Neriak. With neither the Wizard nor Warrior a darkelf/evil race this was going to prove tricky. With only 20 minutes on the corpse it was a race against time. Just as we thought we had a plan of getting an alt dark elf into Neriak to buy the stones for us the voice of Malatas could be heard through the banter of the guild.

Katano tells the guild, 'some 1 hav a stone dont hav the time to runn to neriak'
Malatas tells the guild, 'i do'

So off the Wizard and Warrior ran to meet up with Malatas in PoT and acquired the stone. It was then time to run back to PoK and pick up Miraculix, our guide in the Plane of Hate.

Miraculix has joined the group.
You begin casting Alter Plane: Hate.
You have entered Plane of Hate.
You begin casting Improved Invisibility.

Expecting to be bombarded with mobs it was quite a pleasant surprise. The new zone in spot was not located in the usual house, it was a little alcove with a tiny well looking stone mound. It seems the ghosts and ghouls had been busy decorating since the houses and pathways around the zonein were much better looking and designed with a bit of class. The group that was already there seemed to be pulling the surrounding mobs and slaying them with not too much trouble.

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report

Since everyone was invised the Warrior, Wizard followed the guide to where the epic drop was located.

image: relative to the report
--Katano has looted a Hand of the Maestro.--

a kiraikuei says 'I shall defeat you with my superior skill and style!'
a scorn banshee says 'You are almost beneath notice, but our master commands your death.'

You have slain a scorn banshee!
Your faction standing with Inhabitants Of Hate could not possibly get any worse.

Well it seems the faction wasn't changed by the new zone changes.

So with Katano holding another piece to his epic he was TL'd back down to the planet. The Wizard was invited to stay with the group and continue an exploration around the zone.

The same usual mobs appeared such as ...

Enemy NameFavourite saying
a scorn bansheeYou are almost beneath notice, but our master commands your death.
cleric of hateNone shall defile the realm of our master!
a fury ghastUninvited guests to our master's home must be shown the way out!
a vengeance golemFill yourself with hate and you will become a tool of Innoruuk.
a phantom chest 
a forlorn revenantNOOO!
Grandmaster H`QilmLet's see how you fare against a master!
a greater kiraikueiI shall defeat you with my superior skill and style!
a vicar of hate 
a vile ratEeeaiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!

So with the adventure continuing Leoloo managed to find a shortcut down an alleyway. However, the only way the group could get down there was to become a gnome...

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report
Chukka actually lost a bit of weight so he could fit through.

Just as the group got through the alleyway and began pulling again it became a bit crowded and evac was called. Not sure if it would work the Wizard began to cast.

Back at the zonein it was time for a quick break before pulling the easy surrounding mobs.

image: relative to the report

image: relative to the report

Soon the time came when the group had to depart on their separate ways. After a great exploration, experience gathering, and a few items collected it was back to the Plane of Knowledge.

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