Lokeye's Shaman Epic

Not many people know this but this reporter works at the same company as Lokeye. In fact I sit right behind him and have a good view of his computer screen. Instead of doing work, he actually surfs the internet and researches Everquest (along with updating the website and checking the football information). On this particular day he was going over his plan for how he was going to complete his Epic quest. Maps were printed, information taken in, and as the day progressed his arrangements changed and his parents were coming for a visit. *GASP*

And so the time came when everyone made their way to City of Mist where the last few battles of this epic quest would begin, progress, and end.

Colal says, 'Lokeye or Nulu on?'
Orcman says, 'They having epic sex before raid it seems Colal'
Colal says, 'ahh ok'
Orcman says, 'Pre raid tradition'
Orcman says, 'They started 1 min ago, by Lokeyes standards he putting in overtime'
Orcman says, 'Make sure u all ask Lokeye about it when he logs on'
Orcman says, 'bah he going to be knackered before he even started epic'
*And who just happens to turn up....*
Nulu says, 'Hello all'
Orcman says, 'yay nulu'
Orcman says, 'u alright nulu?'
Orcman says, 'worried about u and lokeye'
Nulu says, 'I'm fine thx, Lok is on his way on'
Lokeye says, 'hello all'
Orcman says, 'yay its the old dog himself'
Orcman says, '*cough* lokeye - parents ok?'
Shadowpuma says, 'and the pre raid sex....?'
Nulu says, 'Shadow!!'
Orcman says, 'I hope lokeye hasnt been giving u a hard time nulu'

And so it was that the groups were made and everyone prepared to make their way up to the top platforms of the ruined Iksar City. Because of the large amount of people that could AE it was decided that large trains would be pulled for the wizards, Mage, Druids, Enchanters, and anyone else, to Area Nuke then all dead.

Lokeye says, 'Sumy is puller'
Rasuphas says, 'Remember Sumy if you see a load of people on a bridge it's us'
Stora says, 'Haha I heared about that, it's a big roumer on Veeshan'

And so it seems that one of Sceptered Isle's Monks is known throughout the Veeshan server. Fame at last !!

The groups made their way to the castle entrance where Mordukay opened the door and kept it open for the people pulling the mobs to where the AE awaited them.

First 3 mobs appeared and soon enough the screen filled up with white light from all the AE casting.

a phantom has been slain by Mordukay!
You gain party experience!!
gyrating goo has been slain by Migar!
You gain party experience!!
gyrating goo has been slain by Orcman!
You gain party experience!!
gyrating goo has been slain by Orcman!
You gain party experience!!
greater plaguebone has been slain by Orcman!
You gain party experience!!

And so the groups made their way up to the top killing everything and anything that got in the way.

Once at the top it was time to pull the black reaver that would spawn the mob required for Lokeye to hand in one of his items.

Obbe says, 'STORA FELL DOWN'

*The reaver dies and out pops Neh`Ashiir*

Orcman says, 'dont attack'
Colal says, 'if you have agrro die'
Orcman says, 'he on me'
Orcman has been slain by Neh`Ashiir!

Everyone was at amazement that the epic mob went for only one person... Orcman


Orcman says, 'any idea how i had agro?'
Shadowpuma says, 'did you ae?'
Shadowpuma says, 'nuke a dead reaver?'
Rasuphas says, 'Shoved his wand up her bum'

Orcman died.

Farek says, 'Orcman has some faction problem'
Lokeye says, 'she hates you'
Rasuphas says, 'How did you manage that?'
Lizzar says, 'Lol, orcy KoS'
Keadiin says, 'This is top entertainment, can I buy tickets to the next one??'

And so with orcman unable to be rezzed without agro'ing the mob it was decided to continue without him for now

Lokeye says, 'I forgot the ring'
*a steady silence fills the bridge*
Mordukay says, '?????????'
Lokeye says, 'LOL JK!'
Lokeye says, 'here we go!!!'
Neh`Ashiir says 'Nothing is left to hide now. You shall have the truth. But truth is not won easily and if you cannot defeat me, you have not the ability to see that vengeance is served. Brace yourself!'

Your Jolum's Brilliant Bauble flickers with a pale light.
You have slain Neh`Ashiir !
--Lokeye has looted a Neh`Ashiir's Diary.--

At this point Lokeye gated off to the Emerald Jungle to complete a hand in to get yet another item to continue his epic adventure. But whilst he was off doing this something strange happened....

Rasuphas has gone Linkdead.
Broder says, 'Llams LD'
Carai says, 'Migar LD'
Lizzar says, 'Tenuli LD'
Lizzar says, 'Oggrin LD'
Bender says, 'Obbe and Stora too'
Lizzar says, 'No surprice on Ras though :)'
Bender says, 'hmm Orc not LD?'
Rasuphas pokes Orcman in the eye.

So as people came back on the groups were evac'd to the zoneline ready to do the final battle of the Shaman's Epic Adventure.

With everyone back in their groups and in the south west corner near the castle entrance it was time to pull the final black reavers and make Lord Rak Ashiir spawn.


Lord Rak spawned and everyone prepared for the final battle.....

image: relative to the report
The Good...

image: relative to the report
The Bad....

image: relative to the report
and The Ugly...

An epic battle of good vs evil.

image: relative to the report
And so Lokeye approached Lord Rak'Ashiir to hand in his item.

image: relative to the report
Lord Rak agro'd Lokeye once the hand in was complete. Lokeye lured the spirit into the corner where Kirium's Fire Pet would commence battle. Alas, there was no way out for Lokeye and I don't think that bush was big enough to hide in.

image: relative to the report
...as the battle continued the Sceptered Isle force sat on the steps as they watched a long fight. The placement for this battle was very good.....

image: relative to the report
...and eventually the call for assist was made and everyone rushed in to finish off Lord Rak.

Once he was dead lokeye looted his final item, gated off to do his final hand in. As a request he rushed back to the Trakanon zoneline where I was waiting to see his face...

image: relative to the report
Finally after much hard work and nerves of (jelly) steel, Lokeye had obtained his epic weapon.

Congratulations Lokeye !!!

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