Strange but True

Lots of strange things happen in the world of EverQuest. Things such as getting on your horse and falling for 20,000 points of damage. Funny graphic bugs that make you look like you're swimming when actually sitting still. There are even bugs bigger than the biggest bug and make you level 50 when you really wanted to ding level 65. Most people get screenshots of these strange things so they can use it as evidence or amuse themselves at a later date. If is also often said that pictures can tell a thousand words. Hopefully from the following I won't have to write a thousand words because the image will tell the tale.

Cazic Thule has changed a lot since the days of green con lizards. Everything has become a lot tougher and new areas have been found to fight. Whilst down in the sewers Rasuphas got a bit careless with his weapon and accidentally poked Badpassion's Horse up the backside.

image: relative to the report
Anyone for a game of Buckaroo?

Sometimes things do not always appear as they should do. Bender with his Project Illusion ability often plays a helping hand with this. Sometimes I think his fun goes a little too far.

image: relative to the report
Cyrint? Is that really you?

image: relative to the report
Lokeye is so ashamed at what he has become he tries to hide away from it all.

image: relative to the report
An army of shorties prepare for an even bigger Vindi. Why are all the short people at the front? Won't they get trodden on?

Pulling mobs is sometimes a really difficult thing to do. Especially when they belly flop onto you.

image: relative to the report
I think it's safe to say Canedor didn't survive that encounter.

Which leads us onto the next strange but true. Strange as it seems corpse's can get up and walk for themselves. Canedor's corpse got up and walked straight back to the safe spot ready for a rez.

image: relative to the report
I know the graveyard feature helps get your corpse from one place to another but I didn't realise it made the corpses walk for themselves.

And when corpses do arrive at the graveyards there is always a crowd ready to perform the funeral

image: relative to the report

Even stranger we find Dosi venturing out into the caverns of the Plane of Nightmare only to find a friend.

image: relative to the report
They kind of look related.

And the final strange but true is the fact that a good group can handle any situation. A named bat fly's past, Lokeye jumps to the rescue and pulls it along with a few adds. Killing the existing target, a few adds and then the named was no risk to us at all.

image: relative to the report
Stora tanks for the group in her 'Large' Breastplate.

And then the fun begins...

Shadowpuma tells the group, 'Icicle Pantaloons, see, i need big pants to hold everything in'
Stora tells the group, 'medium..pfft'
Stora tells the group, 'Berserker's Breastplate'
Stora tells the group, 'large!!'

Dosi tells the group, 'i know where the zone out book is form here '
a tar`dak hunter says 'You will not evade me Shadowpuma!'
Shadowpuma have been summoned!
Shadowpuma tells the group, 'i know where my evac button is from here'

Canedor tells the group, 'stora does insane damage for a war hehe ))'
Nulu tells the group, 'she is a strong girl )'
Tenuli tells the group, 'hehe she prob be nerfed in next patch'

Well that's it for this report. Up coming events include another RageFire kill, more adventures into the Planes, and hopefully even more funny comments from everyone around me.

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